An Endeavour Towards Effective Senior Management Hiring

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The senior management in any organization shoulders the responsibility like making planned decisions and steering the enterprise in the plan of sustained growth. The senior management’s capacity becomes more crucial because it ditto shares the responsibility of maintaining the tone well at the top which speaks about the integrity of the organization.Senior management sets examples at the top which is imbibed amid the organization. What granting the senior management sets a negative example? How are employees going to perceive this? The senior management’s indulgence in some wrong doing and delinquency of norms set by the enterprise cup weaken the morale of the employees in the enterprise. It can result in loss of valuable human resource.

We proceed across cases of corporate fraud quite often. Revelations on executive fraud, which are at times unbelievable but true labor as an eye opener. “On 18 June 2013.,former TigerDirect president, Carl Fiorentino, has been taken toward custody for captivating in money laundering, wire fraud and mail fraud.Allegedly, Fiorentino received bribes from $6.5 million and $570,000 from a Taiwan-based firm and a California-based company, respectively, for steering TigerDirect’s business to that firm by purchasing their supplies.” This instance brings to notice the disdainful nature of a person from senior management.The person didn’t think twice before indulging in corporate fraud.

Is there a viable solution which could have acted as a foresight versus the above executive fraud?
To address the above whereabouts along background check for top management is a viable solution. Standard background check is facile for the verification purposes but when it comes to screen a person from senior brass the approach opted for should be exclusive. A person from the senior management in most instances have an experience of more than a decade. Their career span capability involve different organizations, affiliations, states connective countries. Therefore an apt advanced background check for top management should be an in penetration analysis. It resolve prove beneficial in order to dig out information which is not the case in standard background check. Advanced background check for top and senior director search comprises a standard background check and constant more than that. It is a thorough due diligence of a candidate who is supposed to be in charge regarding important responsibilities at senior level. It volition reveal the preciseness of the credentials of the information stated and also subject to extract the underlying.

Organizations should incorporate the practice of due diligence of a candidate to be brought on board as part of senior management. This will act as a preventive measure against the risks of corporate fraud and the probable repercussions thereafter.