Why use Licensed Immigration Advisors?

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At present 414 licensed advisers are there worldwide. As New Zealand public servants we are required to be fair, impartial, responsible and trustworthy. Licensed Advisors know New Zealand’s visa cosmos inside out. They have to know the raise to date information regarding system changes and they have to renew their license each year. Licensed Advisors are nice people, who can offer you honest feedback on what are the options you obtain and advice on the process.

how to use a licensed NZ immigration adviser
who can give advice to nz immigration

The Act was introduced to make sure that New Zealand’s odor as a migrant destination is to be protected. The good news for the migrants is that wherever they are in the world, they have confidence that their advisers meet the high professional standards.
All licensed advisers must carry a wallet licence card, the size of a driver’s licence, with photo ID, only licensed advisers are authorized to use the Im

New Zealand immigration staff in our India branches and their rules:

* They do not orthodox any gifts or offers.
* No one should not use their positions for personnel benefits.
* They won’t interact with any applicant, advisers alternative agents.

Integrity assurance in India:

* The applications should be accepted at TTS offices. There are 9 offices across India.
* Mumbai and New Delhi branches are not accepting any application as direct from the applicant.
* The application fees should be paid done Demand Draft.
* Immigration officers have no right to choose the application which they are going to process.
* The applications are randomly distributed to them by a senior staff member.
* All applications should be checked nearby the seniors before going to understand the decisions. No immigration officer can mate their own decision while in processing the visa.
* Regular auditing should be taken place for checking whether they are following the right process are not.