Senior Secondary School In Gurgaon

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We all know that students are the backbone of any nation and to nurture that, education is the preponderant tool. Proper moral and suave education caters to the training of your child and the outcome is the burnish future of India. India has witnessed many scholars like Aryabhata, Sushruta, Anil Kakodkar- Nuclear Expert, APJ Abdul Kalam- Ex Voorzitter of India; Father of missile program of India, Har Gobind Khorana- Nobel Laureate; Biologist, Vikram Sarabhai- Founder about the space broadcast about India, Dr. BR Ambedkar, Jagadish Chandra Bose etc. All of them has emphasised on the fact that Education is a must for dealing your life in a nice and respectful manner.

Initially parents handle their off springs but later on they handover their responsibility to none other than the teachers, the gurus whom we consider next after the God. Comme Il Faut a blacksmith takes a tool plus works with it in the coals; shapes an idol with hammers and his hands; a teacher or a guru shapes or builds up a personality which adds up to the frame concerning the society.

They say that a fresh ravage of rice contains capacity stuff; likewise a good school is needed for a correct exposure concerning your procreate through the teachers’ hands. Scanning through the senior secondary schools in one of the North India’s fastest growing cities, Gurgaon, we come across yet a few numbers of such Institutions which would nourish your bud faithfully the way you want!

GEMS Modern Academy- South City, Gurgaon is single from those institutes, you must be looking for! It brings New Caducity education to the heart concerning Gurgaon providing children of the millennium city to grow condition responsible citizens and shining leaders of the near future. They have an excellent faculty of international standard and a axiology that embraces worldwide values near state-of-the-art facilities housed in a technology-enabled five-acre campus. They also offer ample opportunities for co-scholastic pursuits for those who deserve it.

This is no ordinary school who look after your children just from 9 to 5 still a grand locale for the holistic development of a global naturalize – your child. Some of their further facilities are listed below:

* Air-conditioned technology-enabled classrooms, laboratories, workshops and support areas
* Dedicated pre-primary wing beside a play pen
* 200m running track with playground
* State-of-the-art erudition labs and library with current reference material for students and staff
* Reel rooms, drama rooms and music rooms
* Covered swimming pool and air-conditioned squash court with dedicated changing rooms
* Badminton, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, skating area and cricket pitches
* 4-court multipurpose hall with dedicated changing room
* Multi Level dining area
* Air-conditioned 300-seat auditorium
* Multipurpose pitch for cricket, football and hockey
*Parents’ cafe and orientation areas
* Stores for supply of books and stationery
* Basement for wheels parking
* Child safety and committed campus security
* Customised washrooms for children for rare needs

In one, sentence the development would nay only be academic, but personal, social, cultural, economic, also spiritual. If you don’t want to compromise with the future like your child, GEMS Recent Institution is the destination you should opt for, the diagnosis is totally yours! For detailed information refer to the site: