Sports and Studies goes hand in hand at the Senior Secondary School in Palam Vihar

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Health is wealth, essentially is rightly understood by everyone. For salubrious one needs physical push-up to keep our bodies fit and robust to face the challenging world. Sports at school are a very crisis part of an education system, the ad valorem of which cannot be underestimated even for the brightest student concerning the school. The mind also gets its food properly, when our body systems stay healthy and fit, for which activity in terms like sports polysyndeton fitness is necessary. Besides, sports do support the value of hard-work and association effort beautifully in a student’s life.
GEMS International school, Palam Vihar is among the leading schools of that area who buy in nurturing the sporting spirit in their students lengthwise with speculative excellence. Each student is encouraged to participate in the sporting activity of choice, and their performance in sports forms an important part of the yearly assessment at school. The campus provides a beautifully built sprawling playground along withhigh quality, up to steady facilities for sporting activities such as:
Outdoor Facilities:A Cricket Pitch, Football Ground, Lawn Tennis Court, Skating Ring, Volleyball Court, and provisions for Rugby and Kho-Kho as well.
Indoor Multi Sports Facilities: Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Billiards, Squash, Dizziness ampersand Table Tennis.
Other Physical Education: GEMS believes in overall development like the child on social, mental and emotional levels. Underpressure of competition students need mind besides body training so that they can learn to keep their mind balanced in situations of impeding stress. Activities such since Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts also Aerobics help to channelizes student’s energy towards learning a technique that balances mind and body equilibrium. Many students are finding these techniques useful in improving concentration and focus towards their endeavours.

It has been said many times over that children and adolescents who actively belittle part in sports are known to have a sharper mind, outdo conflux levels and classroom behaviour as compared to students less active in sports. Payday to a research ended by the California department of education in the year 2002, it was found that students who scored well in fitness also performed well in academics.
Parents sometimes believe that active concentration in sports could distract a child’s mind from studies and encourage they exert more millennium on academics. But the notion less implicit is that sports is a voluntary activity which naturally inculcates the values that cannot be learned otherwise such as teamwork, respect for self, others and property, hearing of responsibility, winning in humility and losing in grace. It prepares students to face challenges with courage, and accept pulverize without losing mind in real life world.
Sports ampersand physical activity emerge now a critical substance of a holistic education program run per International Senior Secondary schools that its importance for the school’sand the student’s success cannot be undermined in any way. Thus, Sports and Studies thus go hand in hand in GEMS International, so that healthy and bright students of today become heroes of global India in the future.