5 Ways To Get Raving Reviews On Your Senior Living Google Places Page

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Google places is a great way for a older living community to get free exposure on Google. If you’re neither familiar with what Google places is, they’re the listings by the raindrop icon closest to them when you do a vernacular search.

Google allows users to leave a review, and the number of reviews gets displayed beside the listing. The more reviews your community has, the higher the number displayed, and the higher the chances a potential innovative resident or adult child will see the listing.

Here’s a history of how powerful a highly reviewed Google places listing can be.

I recently visited my sister in Brooklyn NY who lives in the trendy Williamsburg area. We spent a Saturday exploring original areas outside of Williamsburg, and ended up in an unfamiliar area. It was late and we were getting hungry, so we wanted to find a new restaurant.

I did a search on my phone for restaurants neighboring by.

Below is a screenshot of the examine results for “restaurants in Brooklyn”. Notice the restaurant with 1,870 reviews and a Zagat score (restaurant review site) of 26/30.

Vessel you guess which restaurant we went to? The amount of positive reviews separated it from everyone else on the page. It did not matter if this listing was the last single on the page either. What I was looking at was the reviews from honesty people.

Getting raving reviews for your senior living or senior heed company on your free Google local profile is a great way to attract prospects yet they’re searching. Imagine standing out from your competitors with two to three or even ten times as many reviews. Do you think that would enticing scanning eyeballs? I do.

In a poll concerning 2,012 online consumers 55% of vicinal consumers are more likely to use a business amidst positive reviews, and 67% of people protection online reviews thus much as a secret recommendation. This is why you can attract extra visitors to your senior living website without having to worry about a boost in your search rankings. (Although that helps too)

Big doors swing on tiny hinges with reviews. These reviews are permanent, so the minor bit of lagniappe effort you receptacle apply each month to getting a review online carries midst for years to come. Below I give 5 ways you can start using today to get reviews from your residents at your senior living community.

5 Proven including Tested Ways To Get Raving Reviews On Your Senior Living Google Places Page

1. Send an email to happy residents and their adult children

If you associate you have happy residents, then you want these people’s voices to be heard. Tell them how you recently updated your Google Places listing and ask if they would review the community. Explain to them how it will be used also that it will appear on your listing in the search engines. Most people will behave favorably to your plea and in veto time you’ll raken getting quite a bit from reviews.

If you are sending the request to a happy adult child it is always par excellence to do it in person if you can, but suppositive not, below is the exact email template I give my customers to get reviews from past further additional customers.)

Email Template for Getting Senior Work Customer Reviews:

Loved [Name],

Thank you for your business. I’m pleased we were able to provide you with [insert product or service]. Supposing there’s anytime anything else I can do amuse don’t hesitate to give cr a call.

Also, I was wondering assuming you’d be too genus to leave us a quick review of our business on Google. Your review would help me connect with other people that we may possibly help.

All you have to do is click the link below, then clack on the write a review button, and leave an honest examination of the output we’ve done for you.

[insert link to Google Places]

Again, thank you [Name] for all your support and I’m glad we were able to provide a high level about service for you.

Thank You,

[Insert Your Name]

2. Ask for a review right when a new resident or customer comes on board.

Most of the time when a new resident comes on board, everyone is in a good mood. Hopefully them ere their child does not allow buyers remorse. To vanquish that you should be giving them a salute package reaffirming their good decision. (But that’s a subject for a different post)

Right when they decide to become a resident is a perfect time to ask for a review. They’re gratified with their decision…excited…maybe even a little anxious. Ask them whether they would be willing to leave a review of the community to capture the moment for them. Again asking them in person is best, but the email template above can easily nvloeden customized for the situation.

3. Include a call to action and link to your Google Places account in your email signature.

Your email signature is a perfect way to gain reviews. In fact, the entire staff that deals with residents and prospects should include a request to leave a revision in their email signature.

It can indigen a simple call to action like, leave a review for us on Google. or you can treffen a little more elaborate et al maintain an incentive.

If you’re cheerful with our community would you please help us spread the word by leaving at review at [Insert Your Google Place Address]. For your epitomize we are happy to provide you amidst [insert incentive]

4. create gmail accounts connective go around to residents asking for a review

Anyone who leaves a rethink will need a gmail account. Most likely, the majority about seniors do not have a gmail account. You wish have to create an customer for residents and customers and have them leave a review for the community.

If you need an iPad you can carry it around to each home and question for a review. This includes a little work, nonetheless it is one more thing to separate you from the competition in today’s environment. This is a proactive way to get many more reviews than just asking.

5. Post pictures of QR codes (barcodes you scan upon your phone) at your community

Asking people to leave a review at your Google Places page, or gain them in your marketing material. People can glance QR codes including their phones and it will draw them to a webpage. A great place to include them is the lobby of your community, any social area, further on the hallways of your community. An example of a QR code is to the right. Study it with your smartphone and it longing take you to the SeniorMarketing.com homepage.

Create a QR code for free at http://www.qrstuff.com/ (this is a procedure that have more of an impact for adult children who are more tech savvy than their senior citizen parents). QR codes still relatively fresh moreover are not getting the traction people thought they would. Nonetheless, if it can add an extra review or two a month, then it is certainly worth it.

There is certainly a number of ways to get reviews online. The most important thing is to dismantle action. Making it a habit to fatigue an hour or two each month will ensure your senior living community rather senior care business will gain the reviews needed to separate itself in today’s competitive online environment.