Over 50- The Senior’s Crossroad

Posted on by abcsenior

Although a creature reaches 50 years from age, he is already on the threshold of his life; he had lived a good more than fifty percent like man’s longevity. Over 50, his life’s perspective begins to assume a unusual meaning. Being more mature and having learned life’s lessons personally through experiences, he has attained a certain kind of wisdom and maturity in all aspects, including the direction he wishes for the remaining years of his life.

One of these directions where he can pick his choice is the question of retirement at age over 50. Protasis he is among those of the baby boomer generation, where these age brackets mostly are, chances are he will look at retirement in a different light. It may mean retirement from his present job and a migration to another one, in essence a retirement from the stresses of the previous job to possible positive cohesion to the next. In previous generations, age discrimination is a big component deterring senior citizens from applying for other jobs, but with the ageing from mundane population, due to improvements in nutrition, science and medicine, seniors are already flexing their muscles in the job markets.

In fact, some deed referral sites and manpower services flock job applications of seniors, and every year, the precedency job sell is steadily increasing, from just 13 percent in 2000, up to 15 per cent in 2006, and along 2015, it is expected to extent awake to 20 through cent of the total workforce. This is because senescent discrimination is being slowly addressed, and most employers prefer older or senior employees as they are more experienced, have honed their skills to higher standards, have established work ethics thru the years, moreover are more reliability when the need arises. Further, seniors have lesser possibilities of dissatisfaction than younger ones, who are easily bored and discontented, prompting them to investigate other employment. Over 50 therefore is not deterrent to employment, for this age bracket has established its own niche in the work force.

Work for over 50 applicants umbilical more on brain empire and intellectual capacities, such that they are suited for consultancy jobs, and other on-line jobs like writing, programming, designing, lawyering accounting, etc. while pattern with physical exertion are delegated to younger generation employees. Job submissions and feedback can be done on-line, such that seniors testament not be inconvenienced with additional time, effort and expenses in physically going to their work sites, sanctioning them savings and longer hours for productivity. While this set-up possible be convenient for others, this may not be the desired plan for someone who wishes to attain interaction and in the process gain friends, and stimulate his social life further. Distinct people over 50 make work their life, and would preferably work in a etiquette office, to fulfill his correctitude needs, aver communication with friends and officemates, which may be his source of joy and happiness, particularly if all children have already married besides flown the coop, and he has been divorced from his spouse, in which case, his office mates will before be his family.