Montañita, Ecuador – Surf And More Awaits Senior Travelers

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It’s early Sunday morning, and the beach expanse of Montaita is on standby for alias busy day of foreign and Ecuadorian tourists. Tiny manageable tables line the narrow streets on both sides because vendors hawk their wares. From tiny trinkets, t-shirts, handmade bracelets furthermore necklaces to Bob Marley clothing accessories, this Ecuadorian coastal town is ready for business.

With three to nine foot waves curling about 100 yards away the coast, Montaita attracts surfers, hippies, and Bohemian types from close the world. Kids can also enjoy the beach because the dilute is quite shallow for a good disagreement out, except for the continuous tiny waves that ebb and progress with the tide.

Tiny hostels and family run hotels are scattered along every road, snuggled intervening restaurants and street vendors. Room rates as low as $10-$15 dollars a night. No wonder traveler’s flock to Montaita to enjoy some sun and fun.

Hippies Galore

Everywhere you look, you become aware like the hippy culture in Montaita. They sell handicrafts on the sidewalks of the streets near the beach area, and they offer you baked cakes, pastries, empanadas, and other delicious food on the beach. From kids to superior citizens, you get a retro-60s feelings as you meander through the town. Although, you might not encounter whatever psychedelic VW Minivans, a sort of “Flower Power” and free spirit is in the air.

Montaita Is for Seniors, Too

You don’t need to indiging a surfer or in your 20s to enjoy Montaita. The flat porous beaches stretch out for miles. If you want to find a mute place to scan a book, bird watch, rather mesmerize yourself with the continuous crashing waves, you can soak up the beauty and culture, as well.

Seniors can leave horseback riding, whale watching, take a barnstorm through the forest, or rent scooters for the day. More adventurous seniors can try their hands at paragliding, scuba diving, and even learn how to surf.

Other Adjacent Destinations for Senior Citizens

If seniors want a itinerant of scenery, they jug charm a bus for about eight hours, et cetera they will be high in the Andes Mountains or deep in the Amazon Rainforest. Or, an hour et sequens 15 petty flight from Guayaquil can put you in the middle of the Galapagos Islands, a well known ecotourism paradise.

Making Your Way to Montaita

If you are starting from Guayaquil, there are steady streams of buses making their way to Montaita throughout the day. Feel about a three and a half hour trip that winds its way through Dole Banana plantations and ends up on a coastal road that passes through many interesting stunted towns along the way.

Buses from Quito to Manta take between 11 and 12 hours, and then you can transfer to another bus to head defeat to Montaita in three more hours. Or, you can also fly from Quito to Guayaquil or Manta.

After spending chronology gasping for air in the Andes Mountains, Montaita is the right place to soak up the culture, sunshine and the heat. For seniors who want to switch to beach mode and lumber encompassing in shorts further bathing suits et cetera experience the sub-culture, you pleasure enjoy your stay in Montaita.

Who knows, the surfer miasma might trigger your youthful urge to catch a wave, if not, you can lie on the beach and watch the pros do their thing.